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    These fence spikes are the first on the market to be specifically designed for featherboard fences. Use the provided clamps to fit the spikes and keep out cats, other animals, and burglars without harming them.

    Product Features

    • Soft spikes deter cats without harming them
    • Clamps allow the spikes to be fitted to featherboard fences
    • Made from weather resistant polypropylene - ensured durability
    • Can be easily cut or sawed for simple installation

    Featherboard fences are typical in many gardens. They usually consist of vertical wooden boards layered together in sections. However, these fence spikes are the very first to be designed specifically for featherboard fences. They will keep out cats and other animals and will also put off burglars. There is also no need to worry about harming your neighbours cat, as these fence spikes are fairly soft. These spikes have been constructed from weather resistant polypropylene to protect your garden for the foreseeable future.



  2. 450mm





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