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  1. Coroline bitumen sheet is a tough yet light weight roofing material.  It is available in a choice of colours including Black, Green, Red and Brown. It is guaranteed waterproof for 15 years. 

    • Choice of colours: Black, Green, Red and Brown

    • Complete installation accessories

    • Lightweight yet resilient

    • Easy to saw, nail and install Durable and hardwearing

    • 15 year warranty

  2. Sheet Size: 2000 x 950mm
    Cover Width: 855mm
    Thickness: 2.6mm
    Sheet Weight: 5.6kg
    Corrugation: 38mm height / 95mm width



ONDULINE ROOFING CLEAR 2000MM x 950MM (855mm Cover)

Ariel Plastics
ONDULINE ROOFING CLEAR 2000MM x 950MM (855mm Cover)
£ 27.00
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