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EaZyBarra is a multipurpose barrow with a ground level platform for moving paving slabs, building and landscaping materials.

Designed and patented by us at Xoli the EaZyBarra is manufactured to a high standard in mild steel with a powder coated paint finish, the EaZyBarra is a robust, quality product, ideal for landscape and building contractors, ground workers and DIY enthusiasts.With the large front wheel, materials can be moved effortlessly over most types of surfaces, whilst the two rear feet add stability when loading and unloading.

EaZyBarra makes light work of Heavy loads moving goods safer and easier than conventional methods.

The ground level platform with tapered edges enables materials to be slid on without the need for lifting, reducing the likelihood of personal Injury. The design of the EaZyBarra allows materials to be moved with less effort and faster than conventional methods giving greater savings on time and labour costs.

As well as paving slabs, The EaZyBarra is ideal for moving a variety of building materials such as kerbs, edgings, blocks, stones, bagged aggregates, cement, sand, soil, compost, turf, plant pots etc… Indeed any heavy building materials can be moved quickly and easily with little effort and without lifting, saving valuable time, effort and money!