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  1. Cromar Wood Preserver Dark + Light Brown can be used for the protection of external timbers such as fences, pots, sheds etc, against fungal attack. Use of these preservers on timber which will come into contact with plant life is not recommended. Treated timber is not suitable for subsequent varnishing or overpainting.

    PreparationEnsure that the timber to be treated is fully dry and that paint or varnish will not restrict penetration. Replace rotted timber, cutting back to sound areas. 

    N.B: Be sure to read all conditions relating to use and safety listed on the container before commencing work.

    ApplicationBefore start, ensure that the cap is firm and shake container vigorously to thoroughly mix contents. Apply to the prepared surface two liberal coats of Cromar Wood Preserver (chosen colour or type) by brush or low-pressure spray, ensuring saturation of joints and end grain. Alternatively dip for 10-15 minutes. If timber is to be used below ground level, the dipping time should be increased to one hour or three brush coats should be used. Sufficient time should be allowed between coats to permit penetration of the preserver, before applying next coat. 

    N.B: Please note that the final colour, when dry, will depend of the type of wood to which it is applied and whether any previous application of coloured preservative or Creotreat has been made. In such instances, we recommend a test area to ensure that the finished result is acceptable.

    Coverage Rates: This is greatly dependent on the type of timber being treated, but as a rough guide coverage will be 6 to 8m per litre for each coat.

    CleaningBrushes etc. can be cleaned with White Spirit followed by detergent.

    Storage Conditions: Containers should be stored out of direct sunlight in dry conditions away from sources of ignition. They should be stored undercover below a temperature of 35C. 


  2. Size: 4L 
    Colour: Dark Brown





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