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Concrete Slabs 900 X 600 X 50MM - D50 GREY

£ 8.54
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Concrete Slabs 900 X 600 X 50MM - D50 GREY

Purchase your 900x600 Concrete Paving Slabs on Listers

A traditional, commercial-grade concrete paving flag manufactured to British Standards.

  • These 900 x 600 grey paving slabs are ideal for public paths, patios and driveways due to their cost effectiveness.
  • Extremely hard warring and durable 900x600 slabs,

900 x 600 paving slabs

Our 900 x 600 Grey slabs are renowned for their excellent price/quality ratio, durability and elegant appearance. You can easily choose the number of slabs you need by selecting the quantity directly from this product page. 

We want to make your purchase as easy and as good as possible. Should you need more details about our 900 by 600 paving slabs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01777 228219 or 01522 888784, we will be happy to assist you!