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  1. Our 30mm Deck Lights are perfect to modernise and lighten up your decking area. They have ultra bright low voltage LED lights, available in white or blue, designed to sit flush on any hard, flat surface.

    Comes with:
    1 x plug-in transformer (indoor use only).
    1 x  5 meter cable to connect from the transformer to the first light. 
    10 x 30mm lights. 

    Other information:

    • Lights are IP66 rated - suitable for use outdoors
    • 1m cable between each light
    • Each light contains 6 LEDs
    • Polished stainless steel bezel
    • Designed to sit flush on any hard flat surface
    • 10 additional lights can be connected to this kit
    • Connect no less than 5 lights


  2. Size: 30mm
    Pack size: 10





Seal Designs - Deck Lights
£ 36.50
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